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A girl moves into a new city with lots of dreams and expectations in her mind. Expecting to experience something new she has never done in her life and to be the person she always dreamt of. Yeah! That girl is me, Jhanvi.

I am coming from a small village near Karnataka. I moved to Bangalore a year ago. I always wanted to go and to live in a city. In the village, the situation was too poor People were not even getting water to drink daily. I and my mother used to go far away 10 to 20 km just to bring the water to drink. And some people from Bangalore escort agency are helping to fetch water.

I was consistently thinking that one day I'll go to a big city and will change everything by became something with Bangalore escort agency. I was so happy to being in here and was also earning a good income. But one day I experienced a horrible thing my wallet was missing in my purse. I went everywhere to find it but I failed. I went to the police station but no one responded. My whole income was gone just by one day. I had so many terrible experiences here that now I feel that my small town was much better than this city. People of small towns know the value of relation and time rather than in here.

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After a year my family will also settle here. But right now I am living on my own and alone in my flat. I came here to look for someone who is my type and can understand me easily I am an easygoing person. I value the relation a lot. I am looking for a long term relationship with someone who is funny, caring, simple and easy to be with and if you're also from the small town I am waiting for tour message to contact Bangalore escort agency.

Hot is obviously another word accepted term used by men. This is but more subjective as everyone may have their own version of what they dream hot. To me nothing is hotter than a cute angel behind closed doors. Most guys would say sexy is somewhere between an 8 and 9 on the standard scale. Usually hot babes know they are hot and it makes them pains in the ass with an even more entitled attitude than average women.Bangalore escort agency are good for eye candy and sex but to date one is an enormous task that is usually not worth the wait.

I usually brings nothing to the table except her looks and those fade, as I know. Being deemed ‘hot’ never had to cultivate a personality or intelligence as everything has always been handed to. I am often dull and vapid. Attention is Bangalore escort agency goal and loyalty is not a priority. There are always choice, of course, but in general Bangalore escort agency women are a hassle and only worth short term companionship. Often times hot girls are deceptively hot. Meaning once the make-up is off and the body enhancing clothes are removed, I am actually couple points lower. honey tends to be an overused term thrown around too freely.

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